• Introducing theSurPRO 4000SurPRO 4000 is the world's most advanced walking profiler. It is a multi-purpose portable rolling pavement profiler or portable rolling road profiler engineered for a wide range of applications.
  • What's new in
    SurPRO 4000?
    New for this version of the SurPRO, representing a major upgrade, is support for lasers which enables measurement to shorter wavelengths, optical targets and switchable constant distance or time sampling.
  • The most advancedtechnology availableSurPRO's patented inertial technology allows it to produce extremely accurate and repeatable data, at data collection rates much higher than any competitor. It is truly the world's most advanced walking surface profiler.
  • Use SurPRO for anypavement applicationApplications include roads and highways, structures such as bridges and tunnels, runways and floors and is configurable to comply with ASTM and other standards.
Achieve Unrivaled Accuracy

Meet SurPRO 4000, the gold standard surface profiler (and pavement profiler).

If you need the most accurate reference profiles you need the SurPRO 4000 walking profiler. It is the gold standard, the world's best reference profiler. During the most recent FHWA testing in May 2013, SurPRO 4000 achieved the highest accuracy and repeatability of any commercially available walking profiler with an average IRI repeatability of 99.4% on six different pavement types.

SurPRO 4000 is the rolling profiler you need to calibrate your fleet or to manage your construction and maintenance programs. If you don't have a SurPRO 4000 you don't know what the right answer is.

In this product demonstration website you will find information on how the SurPRO 4000 can meet your road, runway, structure or floor profiling needs. You will be able to learn more about the capabilities and features of the internationally successful SurPRO 4000.

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Fast, Flexible
and Reliable
SurPRO 4000 offers convenient portability, a 20 hour battery life and accurate operation at 4 km/h (2.5 mph), achieving speeds faster than any competitor.
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Built-in Analysis Functions
SurPRO 4000 calculates most common roughness indices including IRI, RN and PI. As a portable rolling runway profiler it finds bumps using Boeing Criteria.
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Measures Any
Surface Type
SurPRO 4000 measures true unfiltered profile of Asphaltic Concrete (AC), Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) or aggregate and diamond ground pavements.
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