Benefits and Advantages
  • SurPRO is a Class I profiling instrument.
  • SurPRO uses an inertial stabilizer, patented geometry, high quality design and construction, which together make it one of the most accurate profiling instruments available.
  • SurPRO is highly repeatable and can be used to calibrate sites used for performance verification testing of other instruments, including light-weight and full size inertial profilers.
  • SurPRO produces profile data that compares very favorably with road and level and Dipstick.
  • SurPRO is fully qualified to provide data for comparisons with end-product specifications for contract bonus/penalty determinations.
  • SurPRO employs the patented inertial stabilizer (US Patent #6,775,914) that uses the laws of physics to make sure that SurPRO's wheels stick to the surface being profiled.
  • This feature works even if the surface has high texture, bumps or dips.
  • No other rolling profiler is licensed to use Inertial Stabilizer so no other rolling profiler can achieve accurate operation at speeds as high as 2.5 miles/hour (4 km/hour).
  • This is a comfortable walking speed that is over 15 times faster than stick devices or rod & level.
Cost Effectiveness
  • SurPRO can be brought onto a job site and be collecting data in minutes.
  • SurPRO collects data quickly, conveniently displays needed information on its LCD display, and saves profile data securely into its on-board permanent memory.
  • SurPRO's long battery life ensures no time is wasted charging or replacing the battery.
  • Since SurPRO gets the job done faster than conventional methods, operators' exposure to traffic hazards is minimized.
  • SurPRO also has two flashing ultra-bright LED lights to make it more visible in the field.
Analytical Support
  • SurPRO produces complete data in its proprietary format and in ERD format for use in desktop and laptop analytical software.
  • SurPRO has built-in stand-alone analytical capabilities that give you all the results you'll ever need without resorting to other software applications.
  • Comprehensive analytical capabilities include:
  • Graphical Reporting
  • Tabular Report Listings (available both as printed hardcopies or disk files saved to on-board memory for later download or printing)
  • Roughness index reports (total profile and sections) including IRI (International Roughness Index), RN (Ride Number), PI or PRI (Profilograph Roughness Index) using California Profilograph, Rainhart Profilograph or Rolling Straightedge Simulation
  • Floor Quality (sections and total floor) including FF (Floor Flatness Number), FL (Floor Levelness Number), LADk (length adjusted RMS deviation) statistics and graphs, WI (Waviness Index), SWI (Surface Waviness Index), RMSTDLx (Root Mean Square Transverse Elevation Differences), RMSLDLx (Root Mean Square Longitudinal Elevation Differences), EC (Elevation Conformance), RMSLVL (Root Mean Square Levelness), plus several statistics for deviations from specified limits (WIL, Dkj, TDi, TDCi, LDi, LDCi).
  • Bump Analysis (uses 4 different user selected strategies to findbumps and proposes optimized grind/fill corrective actions to achieve target roughness criteria or index values) including PI or PRI Must Grind Bumps, IRI Bumps, Aviation Bumps (Boeing Airplane Company Isolated Bump Criteria).
  • Graphical reports and tabular bump listings are provided.
  • Support for many Established Standards
  • SurPRO is an amazing instrument that is capable of measuring virtually any surface in a wide range of applications in a number of industrial sectors.
  • SurPRO is portable and lightweight. The device is compact and fits easily into the trunk of a car.
  • SurPRO measures longitudinal profiles and transverse (cross) profiles.
  • SurPRO provides a wide range of sampling intervals down to 0.05m (1.97").
  • SurPRO's narrow wheelbase enables profiling into deep ruts. A third wheel (outrigger or training wheel) is available as an option but is not required for the device to perform to specification.
  • SurPRO has a remarkable battery life of about 20 hours, so you never run out of power.