Introducing SurPRO 4000
We are very proud to introduce, brand new for 2014, the next generation of the SurPRO walking profiler. SurPRO 4000 is the result of continuous improvement of a brilliant, innovative profiling concept. The SurPRO 4000 is a rolling surface profiler intended for a wide range of applications. It is used on roads, structures, runways and floors. SurPRO comes from words "Surface" & "Profiler".
SurPRO was invented in 2001 and its developer has over 22 years of experience with R&D of profiling devices. It is covered by US & Canadian patents covering the entire profiler including its unique geometry and inertial stabilizer.
SurPRO 3500 was the result of development under FHWA contract "Improving the Quality of Pavement Profile Measurement-Priority Number One: Reference Device" and includes new features and improvements tested at several pavements at the MnRoad facility in Minnesota and in Wisconsin at the FHWA-sponsored rodeo in September 2010. SurPRO 4000 includes several new developments, including integration of lasers, to further improve performance.
SurPRO has outstanding repeatability and accuracy and its wheel spacings of 250 mm, 12" and 300 mm support several ASTM Standards. It has many user selectable sample distance intervals from 0.25" to 12".
It captures unfiltered true elevation profiles. SurPRO permanently stores calibration values so it is quick to set up and use for every application. It collects data for 20 hours before re-charging, is durable and weather resistant. SurPRO makes .PPF, .ERD and .PRO files. It has co-linear wheels (no side wheels or outrigger) which enable easy, accurate profiling in wheel ruts. Easier to steer & precisely follow chalk line. Transverse tilting is compensated.