SurPRO 4000: What is new?
  • 1. Optional lasers for shorter wavelength capability (for example to 75mm) to fully capture the short waveband. See computer rendering;
  • 2. Optional optical target sensor for:
  • precise DMI;
  • precise automatic profile data collection start and stop;
  • precise automatic DMI calibration start and stop.
  • 3. Constant distance or constant time data sampling. New firmware enables collection of data at either constant distance intervals (1, 5.08 or 10 mm) or constant time intervals (1 msec), which is switchable depending on operating mode or operator preference. This is implemented using interrupt request (IRQ) capabilities of the hardware and the CPU. Use of constant distance intervals enables use of raw data post-processing digital filters (e.g. Butterworth) that operate at constant profile wavelengths regardless of profiling speed, resulting in more accurate and higher quality profiles;
  • 4. High Quality (HQ) Processing. The SurPRO 3500 and earlier models produced final profiles as a series of elevations in real time while the data was being collected. This was limiting in regard to quality of filtering, for example two way digital filters with zero phase shift were not possible. Several additional techniques are applied in post-processing to produce better profiles HQ processing requires the operator to wait for a while at the end of each run but the wait is worth it;
  • 5. Cross-axis (transverse angle) accelerometer display on LCD gives operator real time feedback of profiler tilt;
  • 6. Automatic saving of all raw data in PFL, RWF (forward runs) and RWR (reverse runs). Raw data files enable recovery of lost profiles, regeneration of profiles by restoring profiler to status when data was collected and also provide support for changing parameters and detailed diagnostics.
  • 7. Option to save raw data in text format for easy viewing. These are called diagnostic text files.
  • 8. Data storage in a dedicated DATA folder on the internal solid state drive, reducing risk of issues with corruption of operating files.
  • 9. Interpolation to other sample distances is done very accurately, for example raw data may be sampled at 1mm and interpolated to 5.08mm (0.2inch) for correlation at MnRoad with Benchmark Profiling Device.
  • 10. Automatic calibrations. SurPRO 4000 adds automatic calibration of lasers, similar to calibrations of the other instruments. In addition, the cross-axis compensation can be optimized by performing Cross-Axis Auto Cal, which is an automatic analysis of a set of raw data files that calculates the ideal compensation.
New SurPRO Models
  • Model 4000L includes lasers, and may also include optical target sensor. The 4000L with point (spot) laser is recommended for all pavement types except those with longitudinal texture such as longitudinally tined and ground pavements. It measures the full spectral content of the short waveband.
  • Model 4000 does not include lasers, but may include optical target sensor. It uses the same firmware and software as Model 4000L, and is immediately ready for upgrades if desired. Model 4000 can be upgraded to Model 4000L by addition of laser mounting hardware, lasers and wiring. Similarly optical target sensor can be added by additional mounting hardware, sensor and wiring. Of course testing and calibration are also required.
  • A supplemental field manual covers use of optical target sensor for high accuracy DMI for calibration sites and other critical applications and automatic start/stop.