Patented Technology
SurPRO 4000 is based on patented geometry and an inertial stabilizer that enables its performance to approach perfection. These design choices minimize most sources of error in the data collection process to nearly zero.
SurPRO 4000 uses the best accelerometers and encoders available today. To obtain the most accurate elevation profile an additional accelerometer was added to enable correction of any error resulting from cross-axis tilting.
In addition, as a result of new product developments completed in 2013, the new SurPRO 4000L uses the latest lasers and data acquisition electronics and embedded computer components to enable measurement of the entire Short Waveband, down to 75mm (3 inches). The components of the new "V2" hardware enable higher resolution and more accurate conversion of sensor analog measurements to digital values used to compute profile elevations. Computations are performed with a new embedded computer that enables greater accuracy in determining profile elevations.
Finally, SurPRO 4000 incorporates mathematical algorithms, second order corrections and mathematical optimizations that are the result of many years of experience developing ultra high performance reference profiling instruments. Creating a profile by collecting data from a handful of sensors on a moving data collection platform may seem to be easy. It isn't. The developers of SurPRO 4000 know exactly what it takes to transform that sensor data into an extremely accurate profile.