User-Friendly Design
Time is money so how does SurPRO save you both? First of all it's quick and easy to get to your test site and set up. SurPRO can be transported inside its case in most pickup trucks, SUVs, vans or larger cars. It can be unloaded and assembled in only 10 minutes. Since calibration is permanently stored it is immediately ready to go. If long wave accuracy is critical however a brief warm up is recommended before collecting data. When you're ready to go you can collect data as fast as 2.5 MPH or 4 km/hour on smooth (low texture) pavements. SurPRO 4000 let's you set a menu option for speed limit that lets you know when you've reached your planned profiling speed. This also lets SurPRO 4000 reconfigure itself for the intended operating speed to ensure optimum results.
SurPRO 4000 fully supports four key application areas including roads, runways, structures and floors. In some applications you just need to tell SurPRO which mode you require by setting the appropriate menu item and it will guide you through the data collection process for that application. For each of these application areas SurPRO supports virtually all types of pavements. SurPRO adapts to become the right tool for just about any surface profile measurement you require.
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler". Einstein said that. He probably would have liked SurPRO 4000 since it embodies this axiom of parsimony. It measures profile extremely accurately with minimum complexity and moving parts. With fewer moving parts there are fewer problems with breakdown and maintenance. ICC builds SurPRO with high quality components that help to ensure trouble free operation for many years. Add to that a huge battery and the ability to run continuously for 20 hours. SurPRO lets you get the job done without distractions of breakdowns or dead batteries.